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Yatra Shri Hazur Sahibji di - 2014

posted Oct 5, 2014, 12:27 AM by Sewak Jatha Bombay   [ updated Dec 8, 2015, 4:31 AM ]
Following is itinerary of Hazur Sahibji, Nanded Yatra to perform Langar di sewa Ba-wardi on occasion of Baba Jiwan Singhji Barsi

    27th Oct 2014 - Leave for Hazur Sahib from CST Station at 3 PM via Nandigram Express (11401DN)
    31st Oct 2014 - Board train (
Nandigram Express) from Hazur Sahib station at 4Pm

Members who have not given their names are requested to enroll themselves/family members with President / General Secretary ASAP (not later by 15th Oct)

Members will have to take the responsibilities of all passenger accompanying them and each-one need to contribute to sewa during Yatra

Sewadars are requested to carry following with them:

  •     One set of uniform for members and other clothing's as required
  •     One blue turban
  •     Ladies are requested to carry White suit and Blue Dupatta
  •     Do not forget to carry required medicines
  •     Request you to carry dinner for 27th night travel

See Photo Album of Langar di Sewa on occasion of Baba Jiwan Singhji Barsi: