About Us

Our Organisation was founded in the year 1934 under the banner ‘KHALSA SEWAK JATHA BOMBAY” by the following

 social workers to render service to humanity “both religious and in the social fields”.

1.         S.Pishan Singh

2.         S.Arjun Singh

3.         S.Bahal Singh

4.         S.Labh Singh

5.         S.Mastan Singh

6.         S.Pritam Singh

7.         S.Raghbir Singh

8.         S.Randhir Singh

9.         S.Bakhshish Singh

10.       S.Inder Singh

11.       S.Bahadur Singh

12.       S.Hiairnat Singh

13.       S.Babu Singh

14.       S.Ranjit Singh Kang

15.       S.Hakim Singh

16.       S.Kirpal Singh

17.       S.Mohan Singh

18.       S.Deva Singh Kartar Singh

19.       S.Joginder Singh Banwait

20.       S.Mohinder Singh

21.       S.Bhagat Singh

22.       S.Tara Singh

23.       S.Niranjan Singh

24.       S.Gurcharn Singh

25.       S.Gian Singh


In the beginning tie activities of the Jatha were very limited such as arranging proper and equal distribution of the langar (Free meals) and also safe upkeep of the shoes of the people attending the religious functions. But as and when the necessity across the activities of the Jatha increased manifold and it will not be out of place to mention that the Jatha has taken active part in the struggle for independence. In the year 1937 this Jatha was renamed “SHRI GURU SINGH SABHA JATHA BOMBAY” and finally in the year 1945 to make this organization independent and also to enlarge its scope of activities in social field the name of this Jatha has again been renamed as “SEWAK JATHA BOMBAY”.

The Office of the Jatha was originally in the premises of Shri Guru Singh Sabha Bombay VT and subsequently the Office was shifted to its present place viz. 262/12, Free Road, (now called Shaheed Bhagat Singh Road) Bombay-1. From 2017, Sewak Jatha Bombay office was relocated to 114, Gurudwara Building, Dr.Ambedkar Road, Dadar (E), Mumbai-400014. It is also mentioned there that this Jatha has also been registered with the Maharashtra Government in the year 1969.

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